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Parents / Guardians

Recommendation To Parents / Guardians

Good Shepherd Matriculation Higher Secondary

  • For the integral growth of the pupils, co-operation between the school authorities and the parents is necessary.
  • You are requested not to enter the classroom during class hours.
  • As your girl advances in age, guide her to become a resourceful and useful member of the home and country. Encourage self-help for work and study.
  • Courteous behaviour, a spirit of loyalty and gratitude should be instilled in the students at home.
  • We look forward to your spirit of generous involvement and dedications to the ideals of the school.
  • A girl who is seriously ill should not be sent to class or to appear for the examination.
  • When a student is absent for any examination the parent should meet the Principal and submit the leave letter.
  • In order to apprise themselves of the children’s academic progress in school, parents should meet the teacher on the Open Day, sign the report and avail of their advice. If you have a legitimate compliant or suggestion, the Principal should be contacted.
  • Car owners are requested to instruct their drivers to observe the traffic regulations in the Car Park so as to enable a smooth flow of traffic and ensure the safety of the pupils.